Their name may sound like a soft lullaby, but Somebody's Darling are anything but sleepy. The five Texas-born musicians jam bluesy rock 'n' roll tunes that are big and commanding in every possible way - from lead singer Amber Farris' impressive vocal chops and wild blonde hair to the band's ballsy rhythm section and grooving guitar licks. Think My Morning Jacket fronted by a woman, or Alabama Shakes if they'd been born in Texas. Now together for seven years and three albums, their most recent release, 2014's Adult Roommates, takes a mature and sometimes stark look at what it means to be a working band. The Dallas band recently relocated to Nashville to tour and write the next record.


Amber Farris - Lead Vocals / Guitar

David Ponder - Lead Guitar

Wade Cofer - Bass / Vocals

Michael Talley - Keys / Vocals

Nate Wedan - Drums