"Somebody's Darling have all the elements you would expect from a Southern rock band: Lead singer Amber Farris' commanding vocals, dominant guitars, powerful drums, and lyrics that make you pay attention."

"Just as nearly every guy with a guitar in New Jersey gets compared to Bruce Springsteen, Farris has faced comparisons of her own. As a female lead singer from Texas that gets a bit rowdy on stage, she’s heard countless comparisons to Janis Joplin. “If I had a dollar for every time somebody said that, I would be a bazillionaire!” she laughs. “But I think it’s a great compliment. Janis Joplin was awesome and she was a big inspiration of mine.” In June, the band hits the Northeast for a series of shows in the area. Farris hopes that people are inspired, encouraged, and moved by the band’s live set. She adds, “We also like to drink with our fans.” Janis would be proud."