Red Bull Music - Exclusive Album Stream + Interview

"Listen to the Dallas rock band's new album on week early and read an exclusive interview."

Baebel Music (8-26-14) - Premier of single "Generator"

"We've hit on this time and time again, but it bears repeating. The blues are making a massive comeback. Everybody from The Black Keys to Jack White to the Alabama Shakes are making a splash in this resurgent genre. And, now we can add another name to the list of fresh & exciting acts in the neo-blues sceneSomebody's Darling. These Dallas, TX rockers are equal bits Gary Clark Jr. and ZZ Ward, and we're happy to be premiering their track "Generator" whose delightful Tame Impala's "Elephant"-esque intro gives the track a propulsive spurt right out of the gates. It's off their upcoming LP, Adult Roommates, and we're ready to hear more."

CULTURE COLLiDE (8-6-14) - Premier of single "Bad Bad"

"Dallas-based Somebody's Darling have all the elements you would expect from a Southern rock band: Lead singer Amber Farris' commanding vocals, dominant guitars, powerful drums, and lyrics that make you pay attention."

Huff Post A-Sides w/ Jon Chattman - Somebody's Darling @ CMJ

"Somebody's Darling hail from the land of the Bushes. The Dallas group are notorious for hitting the road repeatedly over the last five years. According to their press notes, they've played over 500 shows and supported artists like Lucero and Divine Fits. They were recently honored by Red Bull Music and invited to become an official Red Bull Sound Select Artist. Watch below, and pick up their Adult Roommates like, now."

Dallas Observer - The Best North Texas Al-Country Bands

"Good luck to anyone looking for the answer to the question, "Is there a live band in North Texas that simply slays harder than Somebody's Darling?" Led by powerful vocalist Amber Farris and lead-guitarist David Ponder, the two of which write most of the band's material, Somebody's Darling have won DOMA's before. And since they can't seem to help but get better with each new album -- this year's soul-infused Adult Roommates is the latest piece of evidence in this regard -- it's a safe bet that more trophies are on their way to this group. Farris has an inspiring voice that transcends genre and gender boundaries, and there's not a room that can hold this band at this point in time."

Punch Land - Speed Rocking @ CMJ - Review of CMJ showcase

"With Somebody’s Darling, the listener is never bored. The band’s music constantly keeps you riled up and ready to go. Earlier that week I was listening to their stuff on my computer at my office but did not realize that the headphone jack was not connected. All my colleagues looked over at my desk and instead of being annoyed, gave me a thumbs up and high praise. (Cue Andy Samberg’s Nicholas Cage impression) That’s the power of Somebody’s Darling."

OnStage Magazine - Somebody's Darling Talks Music, CMJ

"For some time now there has been a resurgence of the blues, though the form is evolving through the new blood who have taken their influences from other genres as well. Somebody's Darling takes up the neo-blues flag and throws in a ballsy rhythm section, guitar licks refined just enough from a garage band feel to appreciate the skill behind them, and keys that punch in just when you want them to. Mix that all together, throw in those big vocals, and what you end up with is a grinding, no-holds barred southern rocking blues band. Tasty indeed."

Dallas Morning News - Rootsy album from Dallas band Somebody’s Darling is best yet

"The third time really is the charm for Dallas rockers Somebody’s Darling. The bluesy rock band has grown into a heck of a group with singer Amber Farris at the lead, and it shows with the band’s third full-length album, Adult Roommates.

The cohesiveness they’ve built since the release of 2012’s Jank City Shakedown is baked into every roaring track: from the sexy, coy “End of the Line” to the pulsing buildup in “Generator”."

Dallas Observer  - Somebody's Darling Grow Up Together on Adult Roommates

"On "End of the Line," the bluesy, smoky fifth track from Adult Roommates, the newest album from Dallas' Somebody's Darling, lead singer and songwriter Amber Farris sums up the heart and soul of the new record with a few simple words. "This is the oldest we have been, this is the youngest we will ever be," she sings, and in that one line lies a lifetime of wisdom.

Now together for seven years, Somebody's Darling are one of Dallas' most popular bands, with Farris backed up by lead guitarist and co-songwriter David Ponder, drummer Nate Weden, keyboardist Mike Talley and bassist Wade Coffer. Drawing on all those years spent as a unit, Adult Roommates takes a mature, sometimes stark look into the future while dissecting the past, proving to be a killer follow-up to 2012's soulful Jank City Shakedown.

"More than ever, a lot of this record is about us being in a band together," Farris says outside of a Starbucks not too far from the house she shares with a couple of bandmates just off of Northwest Highway. "It's tough being broke and touring in a crappy van, but we don't express those feelings outright on this record. Really, those feelings just come out in the writing.""